Parent company says Russell not for sale

A weekly industry publication has published a short article saying that Russell Investments' parent company might be ready to sell the Tacoma company.

Such a rumor has made the rounds since even before Russell confirmed it was leaving Tacoma for Seattle.

Darryll Fortune, a spokesman for Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co., told Investment News that Russell is not for sale. Jennifer Tice, Russell spokeswoman here in Tacoma, told the publication that the firm doesn’t comment on rumors.

Also, according to the article, Tice “disputed the notion that overall employees were unhappy about the move” to Seattle. “This is a big organization, and there are some people who are excited about the move and others who might not be,” she said.

Tice said the company is paying for buses, ferries and trains, in addition to allowing employees to telecommute and keep flexible schedules. Plus, she said Russell is giving employees $700 a year for a gym membership.

We’d like to ask other Russell employees a few questions.

How do you feel about the move? What life changes are you making in light of it? Are you trying to sell your home? Have you bought a more fuel-efficient car? Do you plan to work from home instead of traveling north?

We’re interested in all your stories.

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