Beware of driveway paving schemes

A company that approaches homeowners with a bargain price for paving their driveways with materials left over from another job nearby is on the prowl again in Eastern Washington, the state Department of Labor and Industries warned on Monday.

L&I investigators believe the suspicious paving jobs started in the St. John area, but the operation is on the move to other parts of Washington. Those investigators fear the company might soon move its operation to Western Washington.

A company operating as “Asphalt Driveways” has been posting signs and brochures in neighborhoods around the state, directing customers to a toll-free 866 phone number.

L&I investigators have issued 35 infractions to Asphalt Driveways, but have been unable to locate any representatives from the company, the state agency said.

“These types of traveling paving operations surface every summer. Representatives typically approach homeowners with an offer to pave a driveway for a great low price because they claim to have asphalt materials left over from another nearby job,” Labor and Industries warned.

“L&I often doesn’t hear complaints about the workmanship until after winter, when the asphalt crumbles and falls apart from freezing temperatures,” said Rich Ervin, L&I’s program manager for contractor registration.

By the time problems appear, the crew has moved on to a different area or another state.