Debit card holders targeted

Credit union members throughout the region were reminded Wednesday not to give out personal information over the phone after some received an automated phone call asking for debit card numbers.

Washington State Employees Credit Union member Judy Montoure of Tumwater said she and her mother, Patsy, both received the automated phone call early Wednesday morning. Patsy answered her phone about 4:30 a.m. and then Judy got a call about an hour later.

The calls asked them to input their debit card numbers, but both ignored the request. Judy later went to her local credit union branch to inform them about the calls, she said. Her mother, unsure of who was calling so early in the day, simply said she would call back and hung up.

“Another reason I went directly to the credit union branch was because I worry about people who don’t understand,” Judy Montoure said.

WSECU spokeswoman Ann Flannigan also received one of the phone calls Wednesday morning and reminded customers and others that “no credit union is going to notify you in this manner,” she said.

“Keep a jaundiced eye on these things and protect yourself” from fraudulent charges, Flannigan said.

Customers who did give out their debit card numbers were asked to contact the credit union immediately so that their cards could be blocked. Information about the fraudulent phone calls has been posted on the credit union’s website at

The credit union said about three of its members had shared their debit card information and a number of concerned members had contacted the credit union. By about 1 p.m., the credit union had received 2,400 phone calls.

Some members also had caller identification, so the credit union collected about 20 telephone numbers from which the calls originated and forwarded them to the Federal Trade Commission, Flannigan said.

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