If you need a loan, tap a Hawaiian

Looking for a millionaire to invest in your business?

Your chances are best in Hawaii if the density of rich people is your main standard.

A new survey from consulting firm Phoenix Marketing International shows the 50th state tops the charts for millionaires. Almost 7 percent of the population has net worths at or exceeding $1 million.

Washington ranks 13th among the states and the District of Columbia, with 5.18 percent of its households meeting the millionaire standard. That rank is the same as it was in 2009.

Hawaii has topped the list for five years. Washington dropped to 18th in 2008, but rose to 13th last year.

Ranking just behind Hawaii this year was Maryland, followed by New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts. Alaska ranked sixth. Oregon was 25th .

At the bottom were Missississippi, Arkansas and West Virginia.