In case you missed it...

A video and related story about a fight at downtown Olympia’s Artesian Commons generated about 20,000 page views.

1. Olympia police arrest 5 people in large fight at Artesian Commons: Five people face felony second-degree assault charges following a fight Friday morning at the Artesian Commons in downtown Olympia.

2. Graphic video shows violent fight at Artesian Commons Park: Enough said.

3. 2016 Election results for president, Thurston County and Washington state: Among Tuesday’s winners: Gov. Jay Inslee, who defeated Republican challenger Bill Bryant.

4. Thurston County Commissioners adopt septic plan with annual fees: About 53,000 homes in Thurston County are on septic systems, and those property owners could soon face a new annual fee.

5. Downtown Olympia protest streaks buildings with paint, broken windows: Protest was thought to be in response to Tuesday’s election results.