In case you missed it...

Three of the top 5 most read stories last week were about a fatal crash on Yelm Highway.

1. Fatal crash in Thurston County closes Yelm Highway at Canterwood Drive: See story No. 3.

2. Earthquake near Belfair shakes Puget Sound area: A magnitude-4.2 earthquake near Belfair shook many parts of the Puget Sound region Wednesday night, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

3. Coroner identifies woman killed in 2-vehicle crash on Yelm Highway: Carolyna Saint-Germain, 70, of Olympia was the woman who died at the scene of a two-car crash Wednesday on Yelm Highway at Canterwood Drive Southeast, near the Amtrak station.

4. Olympia woman, 70, dies in Yelm Highway crash: See above.

5. Olympia woman kicks cop in groin during out-of-control arrest: She was kept in the patrol car while officers applied for a search warrant. During this time, she began kicking the plastic partition where the window is located and spit on an officer through a ventilation hole while continually screaming obscenities — some racially charged — at the officers.