Library joins with Tenino district to offer computers

Students in Tenino have a new homework partner: the Tenino Timberland Regional Library.

All students in the Tenino School District are issued a device, a tablet or Chromebook, but not all kids can take them home, Superintendent Joe Belmonte said. Middle school and high school students can take their devices home if they opt to pay insurance.

“Not every kid does that,” Belmonte said.

Belmonte said part of the district isn’t served by high-speed internet, which makes it difficult for students to work online.

Enter the Tenino library, which is within walking distance of the district’s schools. Library and school staff met to see how they can work together and came up with a plan to have the library host five of the district’s Chromebooks for students to use, giving them internet access to school resources and assignments outside of school hours.

The program began last week. It’s too early to see what the demand is, Belmonte said, but the district is prepared to add devices if the program is popular.

Sirena Painter, lead library assistant, said the students log in with their school ID and have access to the school’s online resources.

“The other partnership we’re looking at is providing students, upon registration at the beginning of each school year, an e-library card so a teacher could use library and school district resources accessible from school,” Belmonte said. Olympia School District launched a similar program last fall.

Jerre Redecker: 360-754-5422, @jredecker