Restaurant inspection scores from the Lewis County Public Health Department

Staff report

Lewis County food establishments with violations: Red/Blue/Total

Casa Ramos, Centralia 25/0/25

Carne asada and chicken for fajitas were hot holding at 124.2 and 109.4 F and must be kept at 135 F or above at all times. Because they were just cooked 20 minutes ago, they were reheated to 190 F. This is a repeat violation. (25 red)

Inspection: Feb. 2

Denny’s, Centralia 15/0/15

The prep cooler to the far right, next to the wall, was not working properly, and potentially hazardous foods were cold holding between 46.3 and 60 F. Shell eggs must be kept at 45 F or below and all other foods must be kept at 41 F or below. These were either transferred to another cooler or discarded based on time and temperature. There was a small fan directing air flow downward into the cooler. The fan is dirty and must be cleaned before use. Please do not use this prep top until repaired. (10 red)

Several food workers did not have valid food worker cards. Please correct within one week and send copies to the Health Department. Develop procedures to ensure all workers maintain valid cards. (5 red)

Inspection: Jan. 10

Denny’s, Chehalis 10/0/10

Several potentially hazardous foods were cold holding between 43.4 and 48.0 F and must be kept at 41 F or below at all times. These were discarded. This is a repeat violation, with an operation plan already in place. Please work with all cooks and adjust refrigerators as needed to maintain PHFs at 41 F or below. Please submit a revised/updated plan for reliable correction within 10 days. An associated fee of $250 is also due within 10 days. (10 red)

Inspection: Feb. 1

Jack in the Box, Centralia 15/5/20

Potentially hazardous foods were cold holding between 44 and 55 F and must be kept at 41 F at all times. These were either discarded or moved to other refrigerators to cool, based on time and temperature (10 red)

Prep cooler is not maintaining safe temperatures and may not be used until repaired. (5 blue)

Several food workers did not have valid food worker cards available, with one expired almost three months ago. This is a repeat violation and has been noted several times previously. Please submit a reliable plan for ensuring all workers maintain valid cards within two weeks. (5 red)

Inspection: Feb. 2

Los Agaves, Centralia 10/5/15

Cook did not know any food safety temperatures. Please ensure all workers know how to keep and serve safe food. (5 red)

Cook did not have a valid food worker card available. Please correct and provide a copy to the Health Department within one week. (5 red)

There was no sanitizer in the kitchen and no test strips. Please obtain test strips within one week. (5 blue)

Inspection: Jan. 10

Safeway China Express, Centralia 25/0/25

Coconut prawns were observed at 112 F and must be kept at 135 F or above at all times. This was discussed at the last inspection. These were discarded. Recommend using Time as a Control if unable to maintain safe temperatures. TAAC requires a safe initial temperature and then the product must be discarded or served within four hours. The product must be clearly labeled with the discard time. (25 red)

Inspection: Jan. 31

Brenda’s County Market, Onalaska 5/0/5

Food storage temperatures were good except for the one refrigerator display case with prepared salads. This unit was just out of acceptable temperature range and is a repeat violation. This case was found to have air circulation vents blocked. The establishment will develop a way to keep vents open and monitor temperatures to see if 41 F or below can be maintained. Otherwise, the unit needs to be repaired or replaced. (5 red)

Inspection: Jan. 17

Food Establishments With Perfect Scores:

AFC Sushi at Safeway, Centralia

Century Market, Centralia

El Amigo, Centralia

High Camp Lodge @ White Pass, White Pass

iBean Espresso, Centralia

Lewis County Coffee Co., Chehalis

Munch Express, Centralia

Packwood Senior Center Congregate, Packwood

Pe Ell Mini Mart, Pe Ell

Safeway Deli, Centralia

Smith and Sons, Mossyrock

Taqueria Lolita, Chehalis

Tall Timber Restaurant, Randle

The Pantry Cafe, Mossyrock

Toledo Senior Center Congregate, Toledo

Walmart, Chehalis

White Pass Nordic Center, White Pass

White Pass Ski Area, White Pass

Olequa Senior Center Congregate, Winlock

Woodland Village, Chehalis

Morton Senior Center Congregate, Morton

Ramblin' Jack’s Ribeye, Napavine

Taco Del Mar, Chehalis

––Editor’s note: These figures are derived from inspections conducted by the Lewis County Public Health Department’s Food Safety Program.

Red violations are those most likely to cause foodborne illness and must be corrected at the time of inspection. Blue violations relate to overall cleanliness and operational conditions and must be corrected by established deadlines or by the next routine inspection.

Any establishment receiving 40 red points or any red point item repeated within an 18 month period is considered a high risk and must be reinspected. An establishment that receives 75 red points or 100 total points (red and blue) on a routine inspection or 40 red points on a repeat inspection will have their food establishment permit suspended.