Thurston County seeks ‘against’ voices for February ballot measures

Staff report

Olympian file photo

The Thurston County Auditor’s Office is looking for people to serve on “against” committees for three ballot measures that will appear on the February ballot.

Committee members provide written arguments that will appear in the voters pamphlet.

“These committees give voters more perspectives and a better understanding of an issue,” Thurston County Auditor Mary Hall said in a news release. “If you have an opinion about how your city or school district operates, I encourage you to join the committee to help educate your fellow citizens.”

The measures are:

▪  City of Olympia, Proposition No. 1, Sales and Use Tax Increase for City Home Fund

▪  Olympia School District, Proposition No. 1, Technology and Capital Projects Replacement Levy

▪  Yelm Community Schools, Proposition No. 1, Bonds to Rebuild and Renovate Schools and Improve Safety

Statements and committee member names must be submitted by 4:30 p.m. Dec. 22 via email to pamphlet@co.thurston.wa.us or in-person at 2000 Lakeridge Drive SW, Building 1, Room 118, in Olympia.

For information on what to submit, see page 8 of the Thurston County Local Voters’ Pamphlet Administrative Rules for Jurisdictions, which can be found at bit.ly/2wUtoR7.