Cabinetmaker offers reward for return of stolen property

A downtown Olympia business owner said Tuesday that he is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the recovery of $45,000 in cabinets stolen last week.

Steve Carras, owner of Carras Cabinets at 307 State Ave. N.E., said in a news release that the cabinets were specially made for a local dentist.

"We have invested close to 1,000 hours in the production of these cabinets of unique dimensions and style that would be rendered useless by anybody," Carras said.

The framework would not fit with other modular cabinet components because of the unique design, he said.

"It was a lot of work, and they mean a lot to me," he said. "They're not worth a lot to anyone else."

Carras estimates it will take six to eight weeks to construct a replacement for the customer.

The business owner said the dentist purchased a log as it was being prepared to ship to Japan. The dentist, who refused to comment, milled and prepared the wood before turning it over to Carras Cabinets to create the cabinets, Carras said.

The thieves made off with most of the cabinets' framework, but they did not take the drawers and doors that go with them. The grain and color of the wood for the custom-made, old-style fashioned cabinets were meticulously matched to that from the log to create a unique finish, Carras said.

The burglars broke into the shop the night of April 2 and stole about $2,500 in tools before coming across keys to a yellow Hertz Penske rental truck parked outside the business.

The thieves stole the truck, which had Indiana license plates. Inside the truck were the cabinets, as they were ready to be delivered the next day.

Olympia police said they're investigating the incident.