Night buses are popular

Intercity Transit's new Nightline bus service between downtown Olympia and The Evergreen State College had relatively strong numbers after its inaugural run last weekend, an IT representative said Wednesday.

The service had 250 riders, spokeswoman Meg Kester said. That breaks down to 120 riders Friday, 50 on Saturday and 80 on Sunday.

The late-night buses extend regular service by about three hours Friday through Sunday, so service that typically ends about midnight Friday is extended to about 3 a.m. Saturday.

Bus operators reported that the buses were busy at times and that there were passengers all along the route, Kester said.

Evergreen, which requested the Nightline service, will pick up the estimated $13,000 tab for the quarter. Nightline will last until June 15, the end of Evergreen's quarter.

Then the school and the transit authority will assess the program and consider future service, said Roger Dean, development director for IT.

Online reporter April Chan writes for The Olympian. She can be reached at 360-754-5406 or achan@theolympian.com.