THURSTON COUNTY: Bogni won’t run for commission this year

Susan Bogni, a former county commissioner’s assistant, will not run against Commissioner Karen Valenzuela in the upcoming election but hasn’t ruled out vying for the seat in 2010.

Bogni was considering a run this year after finishing second to Valenzuela in the nominating process used by the Thurston County Democratic Party to find a successor for former commissioner Bob Macleod, Bogni’s former boss. Macleod resigned in the middle of his term for health reasons.

Bogni said that continuity of leadership is critical amid the county’s budget crisis.

“Things will improve. When they improve and the county is on good footing, then I will look and see where my personal ambition fits in,” she said.

Gov. Chris Gregoire appointed Valenzuela to represent District 3 on Jan. 30 after the two remaining commissioners were unable to agree on a process to make the appointment after receiving the party’s nominees. Valenzuela was sworn in Feb. 20.

She will run for the seat this year and, if successful, next year, when the four-year term expires.

Democrat Dan Venable, who made an unsuccessful bid for the seat in 2006, also has announced his candidacy. Erik Landaas, a former county employee who finished sixth in the party’s nomination process, withdrew from the race in March.