Reader Salutes

I want to say thanks to whoever picked up a little Jack Russell terrier on 93rd in Tumwater recently. The dog belongs to a man who passed away early last month and is the one significant thread that link a family to its lost patriarch. The dog, having lost his master, was evidently feeling remorse enough to wander away from home for the first time in his life of 12 years. The man’s wife feeling even deeper remorse in thinking she has lost a very significant link between her and her late husband.

To the person who picked up that little Jack Russell and handed him over to the animal shelter so he could be found, you never knew that your kind actions began to mend broken hearts and pained souls. Your thoughtfulness has brought about the spirit of knowing there are still good people out there and people still care about the world around them, even a lost little dog.

For that person, thank you and God bless.

Greg Ambrose, Lacey

Three cheers to all of the amazing volunteers who tickled our imaginations and fortified our community spirit with the Procession of the Species.

The Procession has been a community celebration for many years in Olympia, and it is an integral part of our identity. It grows from hundreds of people envisioning and creating glowing, colorful and inspired manifestations of the natural world.

In the Procession studio, people teach, coach, encourage and praise each other’s efforts. All projects are successful, and they each contribute to the wildly exuberant and energetic Procession.

Maybe this sounds like a bit of hyperbole — but if you haven’t watched the Procession, or if you have wanted to be part of it and never have — take my word for it. It is inspiring, entertaining, relaxing, and it brings out the best in all of us. It builds new relationships and rekindles old ones, and it gives us an amusing way to express ourselves.

The vision of Earthbound Productions, the sponsor of the Procession, is “To inspire a behavior of reverence, respect, and celebration among humankind by cultivating a cultural awareness of our place and responsibility as active participants in the miracle of the natural world.”

It is really a lot of fun. Thank you to those who make it happen.

Jeanne Marie Thomas, Olympia

The month of May designates the time we show appreciation to the professionals that work in the corrections field. Working with offenders and inmates is not only challenging but it can be dangerous. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our community corrections officers (probation/parole officers) in this state for the work they do in protecting the community and assisting offenders in leading a crime free life. I would also like to personally thank my officers who work in my unit. Dan Cochran, Joice Hagen, Allison Moore, Dennis Fetty, Brian Keel, Dennis Alexander, Sharese Jones, John Lyles, Jennifer Gable, Randall Tremain, Pete Hall and John Chinn. They do a fantastic job and I am privileged to work with such a talented group of people.

Tracy Grunenfelder,

Community Corrections Supervisor, Washington State Department of Corrections, Olympia