Democratic convention was talk of the town

The Democratic convention was held in Olympia. Among the resolutions made was to continue support of President James Buchanan; to thank previous Gov. Stevens for representing Washington Territory as delegate to Congress; that connecting the Atlantic and Pacific states by railroad was of vital interest to the Union; for securing commerce of Asia and the islands of the Pacific; and to extinguish all rights of the Hudson Bay and Puget Sound Agricultural companies’ claims in the Washington Territory. Hudson Bay sold out its claims and moved to Canada.

The Pioneer & Democrat endorsed candidates for Thurston County: Isaac I. Stevens (first territorial governor) for delegate to Congress; James Biles (Tumwater businessman and Indian Wars soldier) for councilman; B.L. Henness (captain and namesake of Fort Henness in the Indian Wars), G.K. Willard (prominent Olympia druggist), Charles E. Weed, Oliver Shead (noted businessman in Seatco, now known as Bucoda, and a partner in Territorial Prison there), Levi Shelton (local politician who ran for Olympia constable and became a county commissioner), and A.S. Yantis (Tenino-area farmer who was a county commissioner) for representatives. The newspaper endorsed Andrew J. Chambers (namesake of Chambers Prairie) for county commissioner and John Chambers for assessor.

“The mail ship, Constitution arrived in Olympia this week in 1859 from San Francisco. It also carried a large lot of cattle for Victoria. The total value of merchandise imported into this Colony (at Olympia) was $503,933.25, over $100,000 more than last year at this time.

“Dr. L.J. Czapkay, previously Chief Surgeon in the military hospitals of Hungary, now in San Francisco, claimed that Olympians who made the trip there would be guaranteed to be healed permanently of all ‘private and chronic diseases, and the suppression of Quackery, or no pay.’

“Among the ‘family groceries’ which may be found at Ayers and Williams on Main Street (Capital Way) are: Tea, Coffee, Soap, Candles, Dried Apples, Chill Peaches, Saleratus, Syrup, Beans, Rice, Tobacco, Salt, Vinegar, Starch, All Spice, Indigo, Pepper Sauce, Cream Tartar, Arrow Root, Sago, Vermicilla, Farina, all types of Spices, Figs, Raisons, Flavoring Extracts, etc., etc. ALL OF WHICH WILL BE SOLD LOW.”