OLYMPIA: Contacts set up for Cash for Clunkers

Department of Licensing has designated a phone and fax number for customers wishing to participate in the federal Cash for Clunkers program.

To qualify for the federal rebate program, the car must have been registered for one continuous year to the customer. Proof of registration must be obtained through DOL.

“The registration you carry in your car doesn’t prove how long you’ve owned the car,” said Alan Haight, Deputy Director of the Department of Licensing. “To get an official proof of registration, fill out and fax the Vehicle/Vessel Disclosure Request to us, and we’ll fax you back the required proof of registration.”

Customers can download the Vehicle/Vessel Disclosure Request from DOL’s Web site, dol.wa.gov, and fax it back to the department at 360-570-7894. Questions about obtaining proof of registration can be directed to 360-359-4000.

More information about Cash for Clunkers is available at www.cars.gov.