TACOMA: I-5 rendering truck spill leaves lingering odor

Tuesday’s heat turned part of Interstate 5 into a barbecue, but this isn’t meat you would want to grill.

And that wasn’t hickory in the air.

A rendering truck traveling on Interstate 5 spilled its load Monday night near Pacific Avenue, causing a three-mile backup while crews picked up the parts.

The smell from animal parts lingered as the sun came up and temperatures rose Tuesday.

Crews picked up the bits and used sand to collect the rest Monday night. A sweeper cleaned the roadway Tuesday night, but the smell was expected to linger because juices had seeped into the ground.

“There’s really nothing more we can do,” said Kelly Stowe, spokeswoman for the state Department of Transportation.

A call to the Washington State Patrol for details about the accident was not returned.

Drivers reported driving through the grisly scene, and smelling the remnants.

“Yes, there is literally cow intestine stuck on my Camry at this very moment, which I am going to have power-blasted off tomorrow bright and early,” reader samr1984 commented on thenewstribune.com.

“On the plus side, I managed to swerve around the rib cage and the various large internal organs strewn about. … All told, probably one of the most disgusting experiences of my life.”

Brian Everstine, The News Tribune