No new evidence in Lindsey Baum case

No breakthrough evidence has surfaced in the renewed questioning of McCleary residents, but investigators say they are collecting valuable details about the day Lindsey Baum disappeared, according to The Daily World of Aberdeen.

Federal and local authorities continue to canvass the city for clues, Grays Harbor Undersheriff Rick Scott said.

He said investigators are conducting much more thorough interviews of residents along the Maple Street area where the 11-year-old girl went missing. The interviews are part of third-party recommendations from FBI experts on the Child Abduction Rapid Deployment team.

Investigators have taken hours to question some residents, Scott said, allowing those people to elaborate on details they might have left out of earlier interviews.

“We’re getting a lot of information,” he said. He later added, “It’s starting to paint a better picture.”

Law enforcement officials ask that anyone who might have information about the whereabouts of Lindsey to come forward. Tips can be called in to 866-915-8299, e-mailed to soadmin@co.grays-harbor.wa.us or mailed to P.O. Box 305, McCleary, WA 98557.