Beware of Social Security check scam

A Rochester couple were targeted in a Social Security check scam recently, and a Social Security spokeswoman warns others to be on guard for similar schemes.

Naomi and Dale Golding said a man called them Friday claiming to have a $5,000 Social Security check to send them, but only if they sent him a Western Union money order, according to The Chronicle of Centralia.

He claimed to have a government identification number and was pushy, calling back several times, the couple said. At first, he asked for $100, then dropped it to $50 .

The couple called the Lewis County Seriff’s Office and the Social Security office in Centralia and confirmed that his call was part of a scam .

“They’re really persistent, and people need to be aware (and) be really cautious,” Naomi Golding said.

The Social Security Administration warns people never to send anyone a check or money order to receive Social Security payments.

The couple “did exactly the right thing,” said Social Security’s regional spokeswoman, Eileen McSherry.

She said people with concerns about calls from people claiming to be with the Social Security Administration can call the Social Security inspector general’s hot line at 800-772-1213.