Man arrested on suspicion of attack

OLYMPIA – Olympia police arrested a man early Monday morning on suspicion of an attack where another man was zip-tied, gagged with a sock and stabbed with a pocketknife.

Samuel McFarland 23, was arrested Monday morning at a motel in Tumwater on suspicion of second-degree assault, court papers state. Olympia police also have developed probable cause to arrest a second man on suspicion of involvement in the attack, Olympia police Lt. Jim Costa said.

As of Tuesday afternoon, Olympia police were still searching for the second suspect, Evan DuPrey, Costa said.

According to court papers:

Police were dispatched to the 2400 block of Morse Road on Sunday night after someone called 911 to report a possible break-in at the residence because the door was kicked in.

Inside the residence, police found the victim on the floor, with his hands bound in front of him with zip ties and a sock in his mouth. The man said he had been stabbed, and he was treated at the scene. Costa said the man suffered only superficial wounds and he was not badly hurt.

Police called the woman who lives at the Morse Road address, but she was evasive and would not identify her location.

Police located the woman and McFarland at the Tumwater motel.

The woman told police that the man who was found stabbed in her home had assaulted her earlier Sunday evening, and McFarland and DuPrey had come to the house and one or both of them had tied the man’s arms and forced him into a closet.

McFarland first denied participating in the assault, but later told police that he had been smoking methamphetamine all day long, and conceded that “it’s possible” he did not remember the assault because he was so high.

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