Christian militiaman formerly lived in Tukwila

SEATTLE - The wife of an Ohio man charged in a Christian militia's alleged plot to attack police has cleared up why investigators found Internet directions to a Tukwila address in their home: They used to live there.

The directions to an apartment complex at 5650 S. 152nd St. in the south Seattle suburb were found at the home of Kristopher T. Sickles in Sandusky, Ohio, when agents raided the homes of alleged members of the group last month.

The directions raised questions about a potential Washington connection to the case, but Sickles’ wife, Kelly, told The Associated Press on Wednesday it was only because the couple rented the apartment for about a year, from 2004 until 2005, when they had a baby and moved back closer to their relatives in Ohio. They haven’t returned to Tukwila since.

“We drove out there and we drove back,” she said. “I wish we had stayed in Tukwila. If we lived there, I doubt we’d be in this mess. He would have never have met those people.”

A federal grand jury in Detroit has indicted nine people, including Kristopher Sickles, in connection with an alleged plot to kill police and start an anti-government revolution. All are in custody.