Capitol Lake lowered for trestle repairs

The state Department of General Administration began lowering Capitol Lake about 4 feet Friday to allow Tacoma Rail to do emergency repairs to the trestle that crosses the lake between Marathon and Heritage parks.

The drawdown will expose the lake bed in many areas, but the water level should be back to normal by Monday.

The lower lake elevation comes at a time when chinook salmon migrating through the lake to the Tumwater Falls Hatchery on the Deschutes River are beginning to collect in lower Budd Inlet before passing through the Fifth Avenue dam.

State Department of Fish and Wildlife officials were consulted before the lake drawdown and concluded that lowering the lake shouldn’t harm the salmon, GA officials said.

Tacoma Rail, which is a division of Tacoma Public Utilities, said rotting pylons that support the trestle need to be replaced to make it safe for use.