2 men charged after 28 bullets shot through stop sign

Two men suspected of firing more than 30 shots at a Pierce County stop sign have been charged with drive-by shooting.

Several residents reported hearing 32 to 34 gunshots about 11:40 p.m. Tuesday between Spanaway and Eatonville. Deputies responded to the area and spotted a red Ford Bronco with two men inside, court documents state.

A deputy turned his patrol car around, and the Bronco’s driver sped away. The deputy activated his emergency lights and pursued the Bronco. The Bronco didn’t have its headlights on and was going above the posted limit.

The Bronco drove to a dead-end road and was cornered by the deputy, who held the two men at gunpoint until other officers arrived, court documents state.

Inside the Bronco, deputies found live rounds and an empty box of ammunition. The Bronco was towed from the scene.

Deputies located a loaded magazine near 86th Avenue East and 274th Street East, an empty box of ammunition near 91st Avenue East and 274th Street East, and a rifle near the 27000 block of 86th Avenue East, court documents state.

One deputy found a bullet-riddled stop sign near 86th Avenue East and 274th Street East. The sign had 28 fresh bullet holes, charging documents state. The deputy also found 21 spent casings in the area.

“The area is a residential area with houses to the west, east, north and south,” charging documents state. “The bullets went completely through the stop sign and could have struck a residence, a person or a vehicle.”

On Thursday, prosecutors charged the Bronco’s driver, 24-year-old David W. Flowers II, with drive-by shooting and attempting to elude a pursuing police vehicle. The passenger, 30-year-old James Leroy Fuller III, was charged with drive-by shooting and second-degree unlawful possession of a firearm.

Pleas of not guilty were entered on both men’s behalf at an arraignment in Pierce County Superior Court.

They were ordered jailed in lieu of $35,000 bail.