Police identify officer who fatally shot man

The Federal Way Police Department on Thursday released the name of the officer who last month shot and killed a man who allegedly tried to run him over after a pursuit.

The officer, Matthew Leitgeb, 28, was hired in October 2002 and has been a patrol officer and a member of the department’s civil disturbance unit.

The King County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the Aug. 31 shooting, in which Leitgeb opened fire on David Charles Young, 23, after he allegedly tried to run down the officer.

Police tried to pull Young over because he was driving a truck that had been reported stolen. Young led officers on a short chase before crashing into a guardrail after officers forced the truck into a spin. Leitgeb was approaching the truck to check on Young after the collision when the shooting happened.

Young later died at a hospital.

Following standard procedure with police shootings, Leitgeb was placed on administrative leave.