Man accused of using shotgun in threat

Tacoma police on Wednesday arrested a man who allegedly threatened his motor home roommate with a shotgun.

The roommate approached a security officer at the Tacoma Mall about 8:45 a.m. to report that his companion had pointed a shotgun at him and threatened him. Police were called and the companion was arrested.

The two men were living in the motor home and had parked it overnight in the mall parking lot.

The roommate told The News Tribune that he and the owner of the motor home had been sharing space in the vehicle for about a week, after they were forced to leave a friend’s property that had been foreclosed on.

Their relationship steadily deteriorated, the roommate said, and came to a head Wednesday after the owner insisted the roommate eat tortillas he had prepared for breakfast.

When the roommate declined, the owner flew into a rage, he said, and pulled a sawed-off shotgun out of a hiding place in the motor home, telling him, “I’m going to blow your head off.”

Instead, the roommate said, the owner set the gun aside and attacked him physically. The roommate subdued the owner, he said, then left to call the police.

An employee at a nearby office building refused to let him use a phone or call 911 herself, he said. Inside the mall, another person refused to let him use a phone or dial the police for him, he said, instead directing him to pay phones in the food court.

A passing security guard agreed to call police, he said.

Police searched the motor home and found a shotgun. The owner was arrested in the mall.

No one was hurt in the incident or the arrest, police said.