Suspect in school threat will stay in jail

A 16-year-old boy accused of threatening to bring a gun to Stadium High School and of making a racially motivated threat to another student will remain in custody until Monday.

Pierce County Deputy Prosecutor Fred Wist asked a judge Thursday to keep the teen locked up until Wist has a chance to thoroughly review the case and decide whether to charge the boy.

“It was out of concern for the safety of the community,” Wist said.

The judge ordered the teen held over the weekend.

The threats prompted a large police turnout before classes Wednesday and for hours after school let out. No gun was found on campus and no fight broke out.

Police said the threats were made via a text message that several students showed to their parents Tuesday night. Concerned parents then called police.

The threats are connected to a group of students who tried to organize a fight in Wright Park on Tuesday, police have said.

It involves a Hispanic student and a black student, though police have declined to provide specifics so that the situation doesn’t become inflamed .

Two others boys arrested in connection with the case were released Thursday because they are first-time offenders.

One allegedly brought a small pocket knife to school and the other is accused of arming himself with a metal bar from a barbell.