Top executive McCabe to depart from BIAW

Tom McCabe (Olympian File Photo)
Tom McCabe (Olympian File Photo) The Olympian

Executive Vice President Tom McCabe is leaving the Building Industry Association of Washington after 21 years.

McCabe had led efforts to take the BIAW from a 2,000 - member trade group in 1990 to more than 10,000 members and a role as an aggressive political organization . The agency led efforts to repeal state ergonomics rules through a citizen referendum and spent nearly $7 million trying to elect Republican Dino Rossi as governor in 2008.

BIAW also led efforts to look into felon voters in the 2004 gubernatorial race, decided in Gov. Chris Gregoire’s favor by 133 votes. And the organization became a flashpoint in arguments over the financing of judicial elections when it made sizable independent expenditures to attack two incumbent Supreme Court justices, Susan Owens and Gerry Alexander.

McCabe did not return a telephone call Friday. BIAW President Matthew Clarkston also did not return a call.