Kent couple robbed by house guests, police say

A Kent couple who opened their home to a pair of transients were threatened and robbed in their downtown apartment early Monday, police said.

The victims, a 45-yearold man and his 40-year-old girlfriend, had agreed to a friend’s request to let a homeless couple live with them during the holiday season.

Police gave this account of what happened afterward :

When the man came home late Sunday, he found his girlfriend sleeping on the floor in their home office and the 23-year-old transient woman rummaging through a closet.

After quickly checking their belongings, the victims found some rare coins and other items missing. Prescription medicines also were missing, and the woman said after awaking that she felt she had been drugged.

The victims confronted the transient couple, who returned some of the stolen items. But when the man said he was calling police, the 25-year-old homeless man brandished a large knife so he and his companion could escape.

A police dog searched the area and found the transients hiding in the crawl space of a nearby home. Both were arrested, and the remainder of the stolen property was returned.

The woman who felt she had been drugged was taken to Valley Medical Center to be examined.