Fleeing car thief stops after bystander shoots

A car thief being chased Tuesday by the vehicle's owner and a bystander wrecked the car and then gave up when the bystander fired two shots into the ground, Tacoma police said.

Police spokesman Mark Fulghum gave this account:

The owner of the car left his keys inside the car when he entered a store at South 72nd and Hosmer streets about 10:30 a.m. While in the store, he looked out the window and saw his car being driven away.

The bystander asked the owner if he wanted to go after the thief, and the two gave chase. They purs u ed the car for about two miles until it hit two parked cars at 54th and South Pine streets and stopped.

The driver ran off, prompting the bystander to pull a gun and fire two shots into the ground to get the man to stop. He did, apparently deciding surrendering was the best course.

The two men detained him for police and he was booked into the Pierce County Jail.

Fulghum said no charges will be brought against the man who fired the gun.