Puyallup School District employees get pay a day late

An estimated 2,900 Puyallup School District employees this week were forced to wait a day for their pay.

Payday was supposed to be Wednesday for those employees who are paid by direct deposit – about 85 percent of the district’s work force. But someone entered the wrong date into a computer system earlier in the year, meaning the paychecks weren’t issued until today, said John Knutson, the district’s business services director.

He said the mistake came to light Tuesday, but it was too late to correct the error.

“We talked to the bank,” he said. “As it turned out, it wasn’t enough time for them to put it through.”

Knutson said the district is sorry for the mistake. He said if employees are hit with overdraft charges because of it, the district plans to reimburse them. He said employees will be sent information on how to notify the district about such charges.