Convicted doctor still licensed

A military neurosurgeon convicted of third-degree assault for his role in a March 2009 road-rage incident still has his medical license, but faces an argument with the state Department of Health.

Dr. Dennis Geyer, 39, clashed with Robert Speed after a disputed traffic incident on westbound state Route 16.

Geyer, assigned to Madigan Army Medical Center, followed Speed over the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, confronted him at an intersection and punched him – either once in self-defense or several times, as witnesses stated.

The assault left 61-year-old Speed lying unconscious on the asphalt.

Geyer was sentenced to 90 days in jail after a trial in Pierce County Superior Court earlier this year. Some of the jail time – 30 days – was converted to community service.

He’s finished his sentence, but faces a rough road.

A restitution hearing to determine damages owed to Speed has been rescheduled several times. Attorney Ben Barcus, who represents Speed, said the delays reflect continuing mediation efforts and negotiations with Geyer’s insurance carrier.

Geyer also faces charges of unprofessional conduct from the state Department of Health.

A hearing on the case is set for April 2011.