Suspected rapist kills self

A Pierce County man suspected of raping a neighbor killed himself early Friday morning while sheriff’s deputies prepared to arrest him.

The suspect’s suicide ended a five-hour standoff in the 11400 block of 63rd Street Court East just outside Puyallup, sheriff’s spokesman Detective Ed Troyer said.

Deputies have not released the man’s name or age. The county medical examiner’s office was trying to reach his immediate family Friday.

He allegedly lured a neighbor into his home Thursday night and sexually assaulted her. The woman escaped about 9 p.m., got help from her neighbors and called 911, Troyer said.

Deputies arrived shortly afterward with a SWAT unit. Troyer said they tried to negotiate with the suspect, who they believed had a felony arrest record.

The suspect barricaded himself in the home near Puyallup’s city limit and refused to leave.

“Obviously we weren’t going to let him go, because he was armed,” Troyer said.

Deputies evacuated neighboring houses and prepared to enter the home about 2 a.m. Friday. They fired flash grenades through windows, broke down a door and sent in a robot. The robot discovered the suspect, who apparently had shot himself, Troyer said.

Troyer said the woman received care at a hospital and was released to her family.

The scene startled neighbors, who stayed up late into the night to watch the standoff unfold.

“We’re just a small, quiet Puyallup neighborhood,” Monica Flores told KIRO-TV. “With this happening, it’s pretty scary.”