Unidentified man killed by Tacoma police after he fires gun

Two Tacoma police officers shot and killed an unidentified man after he reportedly shot at them Friday evening.

The man’s body lay underneath a yellow tarp near Puyallup and Portland avenues , dampened by drizzle and surrounded by police cars, crime scene tape and curious onlookers.

Police Chief Don Ramsdell, arriving at the scene, said the man was a white male. He knew little more.

“We don’t know his name. We don’t know his age,” Ramsdell said.

Officers on routine patrol noticed the man about 7 p.m. and tried to approach him, Ramsdell said. He did not know what spurred their initial concern.

The man was in a gas station parking lot. The surrounding area, thick with by-the-hour motels and hole-in-the-wall bars, is known for criminal activity.

“The individual pulled out a handgun and fired shots at the officers,” Ramsdell said. “Our officers returned fire and hit the subject, which resulted in the individual being deceased at the scene.”

Neither officer was hurt. No by standers were hurt. Both officer were placed on paid administrativ leave, pending further investigation – standard procedure in such inci dents.

Ramsdell said both officers ap peared to have acted according to department policy.