Registration glitch denies ballots to as many as 21,000 voters

The Office of the Secretary of State said Monday that as many as 21,000 voters who thought they had updated their voter registrations for today’s election might not have received ballots.

About 14,800 voters updated their addresses online at the same time they were renewing driver licenses at the Department of Licensing, according to Katie Blinn, state elections co-director. But that information is in a form that cannot be migrated to the statewide voter database until next year. Another 5,900 people tried to update registrations without having previously registered to vote.

Blinn said the actual number of voters who did not receive ballots is probably much smaller because many voters also updated their addresses directly with their county auditors and because counties pay for the post office to forward ballots.

People who believe they are registered to vote but didn’t receive a ballot in the mail should contact their county elections office, said David Ammons, spokesman for the secretary of state. The local elections office can provide a provisional ballot.

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