“Night of the Living Bread – the dough rises”

Nothing embodies the ominous backdrop of Friday the 13th like genetically modified food gone rogue.

Local filmmakers Christer Bechtell and Emily McKown have released the trailer to their independent horror flick entitled: “Night of the Living Bread – the dough rises.”

Directed by Bechtell and produced by McKown, the film features a villainous dough monster created from genetically modified flour that is dedicated to consuming the bakers that once gave it life.

“The GMO dough monster is a good way to engage people in a political satire that wouldn’t just be shoved down their throat but that could entertain you but also make you think,” McKown said.

“Night of the Living Bread” was invented by the cooperative imaginations of Bechtell and McKown along with friends and employees at the Blue Heron Bakery, an all-natural confectionary down Mud Bay road, where McKown works as a baker.

“My inspiration came a lot from the Blue Heron Bakery who have been talking about making a film there for years, they were talking about a horror movie,” Bechtell said.

While genetically modified dough villains don’t sail to the top of the average movie-goer’s must-see list, this is a project that resonates with the value statements of many local eateries in the greater Olympia area, the project specifically took flight with the Blue Heron Bakery, who provided some of the resources for the trailer.

The trailer of the film was released to the public on www.kickstarter.com, a website that helps independent filmmakers promote and raise money for their projects.

“After we had a few productions, set ups, and a few shoots we realized that to really make it something that everybody could enjoy and really see the dream through for everyone, we would want to get more resources from the community,” McKown said.

According to McKown, the film will meet post-production in September with the hope of an October premiere. The entire project, including props, cast and crew fees, and equipment, will work out to a $6,080 budget. Donations towards the project can be made on the Kickstarter website.