Crews fix sinkhole on Yelm Highway

A broken water pipe created a giant sinkhole Friday on Yelm Highway and caused hundreds of residents in southeast Olympia to lose water pressure.

The sinkhole formed at Yelm Highway and Glenmore Drive. According to Patrick Loes, who lives a few hundred feet away, the hole “was big enough to hold a full-size car.” Loes said he drove over that spot around 5 p.m., and returned a couple of hours later to find the site surrounded by construction crews. Loes said a worker on the scene told him a co-worker drove over the patch of road and noticed it “felt squishy,” then saw water spurt out.

The two eastbound lanes on Yelm Highway were closed while city crews repaired the sinkhole and water main break. The road is now open to traffic.

City crews had discovered a faulty sensor at the Hoffman Drinking Water Reservoir after residents began complaining around about low water pressure around 2:30 p.m., according to a news release. The reservoir’s water level had dropped below half full, the city reports, and water pressure has since been restored to residents in the affected area.