Tumwater pub run to support infant with epilepsy

It took almost a year to find out what was wrong with Brittney Smith’s daughter, Colbey Raye.

Smith, Colbey’s mother, began noticing abnormalities in her daughter’s health when she was about 6 months old. Smith said she was told that she was probably overreacting, but after five months of the episodes continuing, she decided to take her child to the hospital get a second opinion.

“They were about ready to tell us that there was probably nothing wrong and we could go home and then she had one of these seizures ... the doctor that was working with us got on the phone with the children’s hospital,” Brittney Smith said. Colbey was diagnosed with epilepsy and focal cortical dysplasia, a cause of epilepsy, last year.

After that first visit to the hospital, the Smith’s lives became a series of medications and hospital stays. Since her daughter’s second operation, doctors have instructed the family that therapy is the best path toward recovery, Smith said.

“This is going to be a really long time that she will need this therapy,” Smith said, “I have been in contact with other parents that have kids in similar situations—three to four years post op and they still do therapy weekly.”

Brittney Smith said that the family’s insurance will only be able to cover about two months worth of visits that Colbey needs for the next few years.

Family and friends have rallied around the Smiths as they look for ways to give Colbey the help she needs. Brittney Smith’s sister-in-law, Holli Smith, has set up a fundraiser account on gofundme.com to raise money for her niece’s therapy.

The other way that people can help Colbey is through a Pub Run Thursday, July 3. Runners are encouraged to wear red, white and blue as they make their way around to local pubs. Brittney Smith said the run will end at Pints Bars in Tumwater where there will be a barbeque and raffles, all the proceeds will go to Colbey’s cause.