Vehicle hits 4 pedestrians in downtown Olympia

Four pedestrians were struck by a vehicle Friday afternoon as they crossed Capitol Way South in downtown Olympia.

The incident occurred about 12:40 p.m. July 18 at Capitol Way and Ninth Avenue Southeast. An older couple and two grade-school children were struck in the crosswalk by a green Mitsubishi Diamante in the northbound lane.

Olympia resident Dylan McCarthy witnessed the incident while he waited in his car at the crosswalk. He said the pedestrians were crossing single file and “all went down at the same time” when the Mitsubishi hit them. He also said the driver was “going slow.” There is no stoplight at this marked crosswalk.

“My first thought was the safety of the kids,” McCarthy told The Olympian, adding that he helped the victims until first responders arrived.

The older man in the group suffered the worst injuries and was transported to the hospital. He was complaining of pain in his hip, shoulder and neck, said Olympia Fire Lt. Russell Hermann. The older woman and two young boys walked away from the scene holding hands.

“He was banged up. I think he took the brunt of it,” Hermann told The Olympian, adding that all injuries were minor and non-life threatening.

The Mitsubishi’s driver, a young woman, was crying at the scene as responders treated the pedestrians. A police officer at the scene advised the driver to call her insurance, then told her she was free to go. The scene was clear by 1 p.m.