Lacey City Council, Nisqually Tribal Council commemorate partnership with totem pole

The Nisqually Tribal Council has presented Lacey City Council with an 11-foot totem pole, completing an exchange of gifts tied to an accord between the two councils to commemorate their partnership.

Earlier this year Lacey City Council presented a Red Western Cedar seedling to the tribal council.

The totem pole, which can be viewed in the lobby of Lacey City Hall at 420 College St. S.E., was carved from a single cedar tree and is set in a base of rocks from the Nisqually River.

“We value the partnership between the Nisqually Tribe and the city of Lacey,” Tribal Council Chairwoman Cynthia Iyall said in a statement. “This totem pole expresses how important our future is, and the path we will walk together.”

Lacey Mayor Andy Ryder said the “stately totem pole” will be a reminder of the council’s partnership with the Nisqually Tribal Council.

Lacey City Hall is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.