In case you missed it...

Readers gravitated, as they usually do, last week to stories about car accidents, traffic and crime, but they also continue to eat up (or not) are weekly postings about restaurant inspections. A regional story in Shelton also grabbed a lot of attention.

Here’s what readers were reading last week:

1. Man flown to Harborview Medical Center after serious accident in Lacey. This likely was the big draw of the week because the accident took place on Pacific Avenue, a busy street through Lacey, and was seen by many.

2. Alert: Traffic resumes on I-5 near Capitol Boulevard bridge. This was all of two sentences posted online, but when you’re talking about stopping and re-starting traffic on the interstate, it’s bound to get a lot of traffic. Here’s what Washington State Patrol Trooper Guy Gill said after the fact in a tweet: “Great news... subject is safely down from the railing and all northbound lanes of I-5 are back open at the Capitol (Boulevard) overpass.”

3. WSP seeks witnesses of hit-and-run on I-5 in Lacey. Readers were more than a little curious about this story, probably because the hit-and-run crash happened more than a month ago.

4. Restaurant inspections for Aug. 20. You’ve just eaten at a local restaurant and now you want to know how the restaurant did during its last inspection. Or maybe you’re about to dine out and you just want to make sure that your choice of restaurant is as clean as it can be. Whatever the case, restaurant inspections continue to prove popular with readers.

5. Man dies in skydiving accident in Shelton. It’s hard to speculate why readers gravitated to this story, other than perhaps because skydiving accidents are so rare in this part of the world.