Volunteer spotlight: Jenifer Sederberg

Jenifer Sederberg retired last year, and has been volunteering with SafePlace since then. “I’ve worked with people face to face all my life,” she said. “I’m at ease with people. I’m interested in people and I enjoy people.”

SafePlace is working toward a community free of physical, sexual, and psychological violence and oppression.

“Each day, our 50-plus volunteers help us step closer towards that goal,” says Jace Starrett, SafePlace’s volunteer coordinator. “These individuals are absolutely essential to the success of SafePlace. We are very fortunate to have volunteers like Jenifer. She joined our agency last fall, and has done an amazing job of building her skills and adapting to agency needs,” Jace said. “Jenifer is a natural advocate and has approached each challenge with determination and a willingness to learn. We are honored to have her with us.”

Jenifer has a diverse background, from modeling to reading water meters to running an auto body shop. She appreciates the broad scope of SafePlace.

“I feel really proud to be there,” she said, “to be around the most amazing people who have the heart and desire to do this work. There is not one person there that I don’t admire.”

Sederberg finds the advocacy work gratifying. “I feel good if I’ve given someone an option of something to do. We don’t tell people what to do. We give them options, information, and support. We help people help themselves.”