In case you missed it...

Now I know what everyone wants to read: breaking news. But not all breaking news is created equal, especially if it involves a dead body. If you’ve got one of those, look out, because here come the crowds to trample the palace gates.

At least that’s what happened last week as a story about a dead body being found and an update to that story were among the most read. What’s wrong with you people?

Here’s the list:

1. Body found at Percival Landing in Olympia: I wasn’t kidding. This story was so popular that it generated more than 10,000 page views.

2. Elderly woman dies after accident in Lacey QFC parking lot: This story also generated a lot of interest, but just between you and me, it wasn’t even close when compared to the first story. And that’s kind of surprising because this was about two women -- one in her 90s, the other in her 80s -- being struck by a vehicle in a grocery store parking lot.

3. Restaurant inspections for Sept. 3: Amid the breaking news, many of you found time to catch up with the latest batch of restaurant inspections. Here’s how one of them began: “Manager could not demonstrate knowledge of food code or violation when asked about worker using bare hands to prepare salad.”

4. Man who was found dead at Percival Landing drowned: Yep, you came back for more.

5. Shelton suicide attempt leads to explosion and fire: I guess this falls into the category of “go big or go home.”