In case you missed it...

Traffic, crime and one more story about a dead body that was nearly identified (the story that finally identified the body came in at No. 6) were the can’t-miss stories on our website last week.

Here’s the list:

1. I-5 construction: Expect traffic nightmare next two weekends in Olympia: Put “traffic nightmare” in a headline and it’s bound to turn a few heads. It also did the trick because most of you — you, the motorist, that is — did the right thing and either chose a different route, postponed that trip or just stayed home. That made life much easier for road crews, which turned the first weekend of construction into a dream, not a nightmare.

2. State Patrol: Hit-and-run crash on I-5 in Thurston County involved road rage: My favorite story from last week. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not in favor of more bad news, but I found this interesting because it was about the owner of a Volkswagen Jetta allegedly ganging up on the owner of an Audi. Any idea how this would be expressed in German?

3. Thurston County dentist suspended over concerns she is unable to practice safely: I know why this was the third most popular story last week. None of us particularly care to go to the dentist, and then the thought that a dentist visited the state Department of Health in an “incoherent state and responded to staff in rapid, nonsensical, erratic speech” doesn’t help. It’s enough to make you go home and brush, floss and brush again.

4. Bicycle theft ‘sting operation’ leads to three arrests in Olympia: This city loves its bikes, bike lanes and the Chehalis-Western Trail, the mother of all bike paths. I’m guessing all of that contributed to the popularity of this story. I’m also pretty sure that one of the suspects is smirking in his booking photo.

5. Man pulled out of the water near Percival Landing last week was 20, coroner says: We gradually learned more about the person who was found dead in the water near Percival Landing. Eventually we learned his age and a sense of where he previously lived. But I also know why this got more attention than usual. When I wrote this update, I mentioned that the body that was found was that of a black man. Readers on Facebook took me to task for describing him that way, their argument being that we never describe anyone as white. Rather than explain myself, I agreed with them and edited the story. But here’s why I did it: the coroner was having trouble locating next-of-kin -- it took about a week before his name was released -- so my update was more descriptive than usual. No offense intended.