It was a summer to remember in Olympia area — but not quite a record-setter

It was warm, it was dry, it never got too hot, and all of it made for a running topic of discussion these past three months, with more than one person overheard asking, “How about this summer, huh?”

As good as it was, though, it was not a record-setting summer in the Olympia area, according to Josh Smith at the National Weather Service.

But it was darn close.

Here are some weather statistics for the June 21 to Sept. 20 period:

•  There was 2.39 inches of rain recorded in the Olympia area, which sounds pretty dry — but a scant 0.97 inch fell during the same period in 2006.

•  It was warm, but the average maximum temperature was 79.5 degrees, making it the third-highest on record. The highest average maximum temperature was set in the summer of 1967 at 81.2 degrees, followed by 79.7 degrees in 1958.

•  Average overnight lows for the period made it the sixth-warmest on record at 50.7 degrees. The warmest average overnight low was set in the summer of 2013 at 52.7 degrees.

Warm weather made for a bumper crop of fruits and vegetables at the Olympia Farmers Market, said operations manager Bryce Dazell on Sunday.

“Several vendors said it was the best August that they’ve ever had,” he said, adding that it was a great summer and that he wouldn’t mind having another one just like it.

Capitol City Golf Club in Olympia also had a busy summer, although that wasn’t the case Sunday because of the Seattle Seahawks game, assistant manager Zach Robertson said.

But prior to Sunday, Capitol City had days when 250 to 300 players hit the course, he said.

All of that sun meant people worked in their yards — if they chose to water their lawns and gardens — and that kept equipment rental business Lew Rents in Olympia busy.

Business slowed during the hottest days of August, said employee Andre Howes. It has picked up since then, he said.

“All of our big equipment has been busy,” Howes said.

As for fall, which officially begins Monday night, a three-month outlook shows above-average temperatures, meteorologist Smith said.