In case you missed it...

Last week was another of those weeks when the news wasn’t very good and there was a lot of it. It’s the kind of week when you want to substitute “most read” for “most popular” because there’s no way these five stories would ever be popular in the true sense of the word. We’re in the information business and readers chose to be informed. Simple as that.

1. Olympia police search for missing girl: This was short and to the point, providing key information to help identify this missing girl. We hope she’s found as quickly as possible, too.

2. Tenino baby dies after being hit by car: Three words: tragic, just tragic.

3. Lacey police shoot, kill man reportedly ‘going crazy’: The man, later identified as Kerry Brown, died of a single gunshot to the abdomen, following a report from his wife that he was shooting a gun while she and her children locked themselves in a bathroom. Brown later appeared in the street, fired one shot and disappeared behind a closed business. When he reappeared -- still armed with a handgun -- a Lacey officer fired one shot and struck the suspect.

4. Lacey woman accused of injuring baby: The headline, unfortunately, says all you need to know about this story.

5. Armed man robs Olympia bank: A scary moment for any bank teller, particularly when the suspect has a gun, and customers as the two people in the background of the photo appear to be.