Hundreds of people in the area could use help

The Olympian’s Light of Hope illuminates the needs of South Sounders who lack resources and the nonprofits that work with them. The number of people needing help and hope continues to climb. Here is a long list of people the nonprofits say need help this season.

Barb’s Family & Friends

Barb O’Neill’s Family and Friends is continuing a tradition. This is our 45th year, started by Barb O’Neill, in service to the South Sound area. What began as inviting a neighbor in need to Christmas dinner has grown into a community-focused charitable organization that now serves more than 4,000 holiday dinners, seasonal clothing and gift bank, Easter basket donations, and more. In Barb’s name, and her memory, we look forward to many more decades of service to the South Sound community. To make donations to Barb’s Family & Friends, email barbssoul@yahoo.com, or call Rodney O’Neill, at 360-485-9931. There are four special families who would like your help assisting this holiday season:

Family 1: A single parent that has one child and cares for her disabled mother. The 8-year-old girl (purple is her favorite color) would like a pair of size 13 kids Ugg boots, a dress up chest and dress up clothes, twin-size sheets, size 7 dresses, socks and size 8 girls underwear. Mom would like size medium leggings, red/zebra print bath towels and bathroom rug and shower curtain, deep pocket queen-size sheets, size 7 womens rain boots. Grandma (her favorite color is green) could use socks, medium-size leggings, TV trays, queen-size sheets, Ugg boots size 6.

Family 2: A mom and 11-year old son, who would both would like gift cards for clothing, groceries and gas.

Family 3: A mom and disabled dad with three kids: 13-year-old girl needs size 14 jeans and x-small juniors long-sleeve shirts, sweaters and hoodies, age appropriate books, size 14 winter coat, size 7 womens sneakers, size 14 pajamas and a gift certificate to get her hair cut. Second child, 7-year-old girl (loves Hello Kitty) needs size 10 pajamas, gift certificate to get her hair cut, size 10 winter coat, size 3 womens boots, art and craft supplies, and second-grade reading level books. Youngest is 4-year-old boy who needs size 4 jeans and size 4 long-sleeve shirts/sweaters/hoodies, loves super heroes and Legos, size 12 rain boots and would love a Nintendo DS video game system. Mom and dad would like a Hands On Children’s Museum family membership, or YMCA family membership.

Family 4: A young mother and her 8 year old son. Son would like tickets to Lacey Cinemas, Skateland or Laser Tag, age appropriate books and DVD movies. He would also love a skateboard. Mom could use gift certificates for clothing, food and gas.

City Gates Ministries

City Gates Ministries is a faith-based community outreach organization operating in Thurston County since 1995 and has been an IRS approved nonprofit corporation since 2005. City Gates serves low income families, families fallen on hard times, the elderly, the disabled and the homeless. Our mission is to come together as a community to help people in need. We distribute the basic necessities of life (furniture, food, clothes, blankets, sleeping bags, provision for moms with children, and hygiene items.

We are in need of blankets, sleeping bags, large coats, socks, and AAA and AA batteries. Your financial aid helps us meet the needs that can only be met with finances. Thank you for your partnership. To learn more about City Gates, our programs and needs, and to sponsor our list of families this year, please contact us at 360-705-0291. Your call will be answered within 24 hours. Please visit our website at citygatesministries.org:

Family 1: Homeless family of four waiting on housing. Dad is bipolar and has crushed vertebrae. Mom deals with manic depression. Eva, 5-years-old female, needs size 6 clothes, would like a journal, stuffed zebra, dinosaur books, cars and trucks, a camera and X-Men blanket. Ema, 7-year-old female, wears size 12-14 clothing and would like a toy reindeer, “Frozen” toys and blanket, a Princess Barbie set, a camera, and a journal. Dad, Davan, wears size 40x30 pants, XL shirts, size 10 shoes and would like fishing gear and tools. Mom, Sabrina, wears pants size 2X, shirts 3X, shoes 11W, and would like kitchenware and cook books.

Family 2: Single grandmother with two grandsons. Brendyn is a16-year-old special needs boy who would like a mens size large sweat jacket, mens large pajamas, socks, mens large thermals, mens gloves, hats. He likes lifting weights, magic stuff, and exercise equipment. Braedyn is a 14-year-old male who would like some mens small thermals, socks, mens small sweat jacket, gloves, hats, board games, sports gear such as a football or basketball. Grandma would like an electric blanket, socks, large rain coat, baking pans and towels.

Family 3: Single mom raising autistic son and going to college. Weisley is 21/2 and needs clothes size 18-24 months. He loves music, lights and motor development toys, he wears size 4-5 diapers, size 4-5 slippers. He also needs a sippy cup. Mom wears size large cloths, and size 8 shoes. She would like kitchenware (she likes apple decor) and some board games.

Family 4: Under-privileged single mom has a 4-year-old child, Roman, who needs size 4t clothes, and likes building blocks and Hot Wheels. Mom needs clothes size 16 pants, XL shirts, and size 6 boots. She would like some lotion.

Family 5: Family of four with mom and boyfriend working part-time. The household is in need of laundry soap, toilet paper, dishwasher soap, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner, cat food, cat litter, carpet shampooer, fuzzy blankets, cat toys, microwave. Michelle needs size 8 shoe, XL shirts, XXL sweatshirt. Scott needs size 10 shoe, size large shirts, 32x34 pants, size XL sweatshirt. He likes tools and Seahawks items. Tyler is a male who needs size 91/2 shoe, size XXL sweatshirt, 38x32 pants. He would like movies, “Family Guy” episodes and music. Melissa is a 16-year-old female who wears size 71/2 shoe, XL shirts, XL sweatshirts, size 13 pants. She likes music, movies, makeup, nail polish, press-on nails. Her favorite color is black, and she likes Seahawks items.

Family 6: Mom has from malignant fibrous histiocytoma, a rare muscle cancer that has left her unable to work. Her husband works construction. Five-year-old Tucker likes trucks, cars, firetrucks, motorcycles, learning games and books. He wears size 5 pants, size 6 shirts and sweatshirts, a size 6 jacket and size 2 shoes. He needs winter clothing. Dominick is 17-years-old, and would like a large size shirt, sweatshirt, and jacket; 31x31 pants; size 101/2 shoes; and size 11 slippers; and alarm clock; Crocks; and winter clothing, such as snow pants, jacket and beanie. Mom wears size medium sweatshirt and jacket, size 8 boots (flat), and would like cooking utensils and mixing bowls. Dad would like Carhart or other durable work pants (size 34x30), XL shirts and sweatshirts, size 101/2 shoes or slippers, a tool set, salmon pole and a beanie.

Family 7: Struggling family needing help this year. Jeanne is a 2-year-old girl who needs size 2T clothes, and would like coloring books, games, and Disney princesses. Sara is a 3-year-old girl who wears size 3T, and would like Disney princesses and “Frozen” items, Tinkerbell, and she likes to paint. James is a 9-year-old boy who likes Skylanders and Legos. Dad needs size 34 mens pants and size large shirts, and would like a kitchen knife set. Mom needs size 20 womens bottoms and size XXL tops.

Family 8: Family of six asking for help with Christmas. Mom needs size 3X pants, or size 22, and would like pots and pans, socks, size 11 wide shoes, a rain coat, bath stuff, jewelry and pajamas. Dad needs cloths size medium, pants 30x32, size large long-sleeve shirts, shoes size 71/2, socks, rain boots, size 8, rain gear, and tools. Grandma needs size 3X clothes, size 10 wide shoes, kitchenware, bathroom stuff and candles. Niece would like clothes size XL, pants size 15, bra 38C, socks, size 11 shoes, coat, hat, gloves, scarf, hairbrush, hair ties, hair bows, and ear phones. Daughter needs clothes size medium in juniors, pants size 3, sweats, long-sleeves, dresses, tights, leggings, size 8 shoes and boots, hair stuff, pajamas, towels bathroom stuff, Lego friends, journal/diary, and American Girl doll. Daughter needs clothes size medium or 10/12 shirts, size 8 pants, pajamas size 8/10, socks, shoes size 1, rain boots, dress size 8/10, tights, leggings, hair stuff, bathroom stuff, Lego friends, American Girl doll clothes, and jewelry.

Family 9: Low-income family whose son-n-law just went back to work. Twelve-year-old girl likes “Frozen” and Monster High. She wears plus-size 20 petite clothes, 2X shirts, shoe size 8 1/2 womens. Ten-year-old boy would like “Dr. Who” Legos, Nerf gun, and wears size 18 husky pants, large shirts, and size 5 shoes. Mom would like family board games and gift cards.

Family 10: Recently separated disabled mother, 44, with three children needs food and help. A 3-year-old girl wears size 4-5 girls clothes, and likes the color pink and girly-girl dolls. Ten-year-old boy wears XXXL mens clothes, sweat pants, 44x30, and would like Nerf guns, video games for Xbox. He likes outdoor sports and dancing. Eleven-year-old boy wears mens XL clothes, and likes anything to do with computers. He also likes Nintendo DS games, adventure preteen books, and stuffed animals. He needs XL sweat pants. Mom would like a sewing machine to alter kids clothes, family board games. She wears size XXXL clothes.

Family 11: Struggling family asking for help for Christmas. Sixteen-year-old boy wears size 36x30 pants, and XL shirts. He needs size 11 shoes, and would like a gift card, sweat shirts, headphones, movies and Beanies. A 14-year-old girl wears size 5 juniors pants, size large juniors shirts, size 71/2 shoes, and likes makeup and perfume, scarves and jewelry. Eight-year-old boy needs size 12 pants, size medium/large boys shirts, size 3 shoes, Legos, “Halo” action toys, “Assassin’s Creed” action toys, and Nerf toys. Mom would like size 14 pants, size XL shirts, and size 11 shoes.

Family 12: Single mom struggling to make ends meet has a 6-year-old girl who needs size 7 footed pajamas, long socks, underwear size 6, bedding for a twin bed (“Frozen”). She loves dolls and toys. Mom needs socks, cleaning supplies, dishes, and pots and pans.

Family 13: Family of five (2 adults, 3 kids): Girls, ages 14 and 9 like horses, crafting and babies. Boy, 16, needs pants, size 30x30, shirts size large, models and family board games.

Family 14: Family of six (3 adults, 3 children): A boy, age 15, needs pants, size 12, and books. Boy, age 12, likes cars. A girl, 14, likes horses and crafts and would like family board games.

Family 15: Family of four (2 adults, 2 children): A boy, age 9, needs pants size 8, shirts size 7/8, and shoes size 1. A 7-year-old girl needs pants size 8, shirts size 7/9 and shoes size 1.

Family 16: Mom has a severe heart condition, and family is homeless. Son needs pants size 34x32, shirts XL, shoes size 12 mens, and he like Seahawks items. Son needs pants size 15, shirts size XL, shoes size 11 mens, and he likes Ninja Turtles. Daughter wears size girls 5T, and likes “Frozen” items.

Family 17: Struggling single mother with a 2-year-old boy needs size 2/3T winter clothes, size 9/10 toddler training pants, books on how to potty train, small training toys, cars trucks, Dr. Seuss books, Explorer or Mickey Mouse, and stuffed animals. Mom needs size medium shirts, size 12 jeans and a size large winter coat.

Family 18: Two adults and three children. Nine-year-old girl wears juniors size 7/9 or medium to large clothes, size 7 womens shoes, arts, crafts, and writing supplies. She would like “Frozen” and Monster High dolls, Hello Kitty, CDs, a scooter, and warm clothes and boots. Seven-year-old girl wears size 10/12 bottoms, and 14/16 tops, and size 4 shoes. She enjoys arts and crafts, and is at a second-third grade reading level. She enjoys watching movies, Monster High dolls and “Frozen” toys, Hello Kitty, activity books and warm boots and clothes. Six-year-old girl wears size 10/12 clothing, size 3 shoes. She loves to plays sports, ride bikes, arts and crafts, Monster High, “Frozen” items, and Hello Kitty. She would like an umbrella and a scooter, and needs winter clothes and boots. Mom wears size 3X clothes (20/22 or 22/24), shoe size 9 wide. she enjoys reading, listening to music, and needs warm clothes and boots. She would enjoy a gift card to take the family to the movies. Dad wears clothes size 3-4X on top, and 50/52x29 on the bottom, size 91/2 wide shoes. He would like tools, a wet/dry electric razor, soft insoles for his shoes, E-bay gift cards, warm coat and hat.

Family 19: Single mom escaped from a violent marriage. Eighteen-year-old girl wears size 11 boots. She loves to draw and would like art supplies. Thirteen-year-old girl would like size 11 boots, girls jeans and shirts size 14-16. She loves Spongebob. Seventeen-year-old boy who needs size 91/2 shoes, pants size 32x30. He enjoys comic books and the Seahawks. A baby is on the way, and there is a need for a crib and a glider chair.

Family 20: Family struggling to make ends meet. Twelve-year-old girl needs size 18 junior pants, and size XL junior shirts, size 81/2 W shoes. She loves music, drawing, animals and would like some makeup. Nine-year-old boy needs size 14 husky pants, size 12/14 boys shirts, size 8 boys shoes. His interests are “Minecraft,” “Legend of Zelda,” zombies, Legos and Nerf items. Eight-year-old boy wears size 14 husky pants, size 14/16 shirts, size 7 shoes, and is interested in “Minecraft,” Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And reads at more than 300 words per minute, so would like books like “Guinness World Book of Records” or facts books. Five-year-old girl wears size 6 pants and shirts, and is interested in “Frozen,” Sofia the First, Doc McStuffins and beading.

Family 21: Mom struggling to make ends meet has a daughter, age 12, who needs size 16 jeans, XL shirts, size 71/2 shoes, rubber bands that you make bracelets with and teen mystery books. She loves zebra print. Son, 11, wears size 14 boys jeans and large shirts. He enjoys model airplanes. Son, age 8, wears size 10 jeans, large jeans and needs socks. Daughter, age 4, wears size 6 in jeans, and size 5 in shirts. She enjoys coloring, puzzles and Elmo. Mom would like gift cards.

Community Youth Services

Community Youth Services provides a continuum of services to improve the quality of life for homeless and high-risk youths and their families. Through 19 culturally relevant and client-centered programs, we help young people develop a sense of responsibility to themselves and to their community, make healthy choices as they transition into adulthood and become productive, self-sufficient members of the community.

Services include counseling, foster care, street outreach, transitional housing, job training, juvenile diversion, emergency shelter, and community service through AmeriCorps programs. CYS follows a positive youth development model, involving youth in all phases of their program participation.

Our agency needs:

Gift cards, sleeping bags, tents and tarps, jackets, rain jackets and pants, socks and warm sweaters, hats, gloves, scarves, battery-operated alarm clocks, bus passes, and tooth brushes and other hygiene items.

Also need volunteers and tutors.

To arrange a delivery time, please call the office: 360-943-0780, Ext. 206. Street address: 711 State Ave. NE, Olympia, WA 98506. Online: community


Interfaith Works

Interfaith Works evolved from the Thurston County Council of Churches, which was founded in 1969.

In 1973, Pastor Paul Davidson of Lacey Community Church was one of the first to recommend a new cooperative form of ministry in Thurston County, which could take the lead in stronger ecumenical programming. The Council chose Associated Ministries of Thurston County as the name for this new organization.

Its membership remained Christian until 1981, at which time Temple Beth Hatfiloh applied for membership and became the first non-Christian member faith community. Since that time, other faith traditions have joined including Buddhist, Baha’i, Unitarian, and Muslim.

In 2004, the organization chose to change its name once again, this time to Interfaith Works. Its staff and members strive to be inclusive and inviting to all faith communities, and to find ways to serve the greater community together.

Interfaith Works promotes interfaith understanding and serves the community through charitable, social and educational endeavors, including Bread & Roses, CROP Walk, Dispute Resolution Center, Emergency Overflow shelter, Family Court, The Housing Task Force, Habitat for Humanity, Homes First, Housing Assistance Fund, Jail Ministries, Singles Support Group, Stars program, Thurston County Food Bank, Community Prayer Breakfast, and many more.

To find out more about Interfaith Works and its many community outreach and service programs, call 360-357-7224, or email: office@interfaith

-works.org. Office hours are generally 9 a.m.–2 p.m. Monday–Thursday, but can vary so it’s recommended to call before visiting. Mailing address is P.O. Box 1221, Olympia, WA 98507.

To learn more and to donate to help any one of Interfaith Works many good causes, visit the web site at oly-wa.us


Lewis Mason Thurston Area Agency on Aging

Information and assistance/case management, a program of the Lewis-Mason-Thurston Area Agency on Aging, provides information and assistance with accessing a wide variety of social and health services to help vulnerable adults who struggle to remain in their homes. Most of our clients are very low income and have severe impairments impacting their ability to do basic day-to-day activities with needs that go beyond services available through community resources.

During the holiday season, LMTAAA participates in a Light of Hope drive. This drive focuses on several of our clients who are living on low incomes and are in need of items, such as, warm clothing, pet care and household items that are often outside of the client’s budget.

To make a donation to one of these individuals, or to make a general donation to agency’s Special Assistance Fund, please contact the information and assistance specialist in your county. Please call the information specialist before you purchase items for specific individuals in order to be certain that the client you have chosen hasn’t already been provided for by others.

In Thurston County: Lewis-Mason-Thurston Area Agency on Aging Information and Assistance, 2404 Heritage Ct SW, Olympia, WA 98502- 360-664-3162 ext. 133.

In Mason County: Lewis-Mason-Thurston Area Agency on Aging Information and Assistance, 628 W. Alder St./ P.O. Box 2087, Shelton, WA 98584, 360-427-2225 ext. 101.

Your donations are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated. They allow our agency to meet needs that would otherwise go unmet. We thank the community for the generous support shown in the past- this has made the holiday season bright and touched lives throughout the year.

Client 1: Woman, 86, who lives on a limited income. Her spouse recently passed away and she has a limited social network. She would enjoy doing something fun and would like a gift card to a restaurant.

Client 2: Man, 59, who lives by himself, has a limited income and would like to do some shopping for himself. Gift cards to stores such as Walmart or Target would be appreciated.

Client 3: This gentleman is uses a wheelchair and needs daily assistance in his home. He lives on a very limited income. He would like a gift card to a department store such as Target or Fred Meyer to purchase some essentials.

Client 4: A woman, who recently underwent a surgery, lives on a fixed income and would like some help purchasing a few new items for herself and her home. She would appreciate queen-size bedding and bathing towels and a mini fridge or gift cards toward these purchases.

Client 5: A gentleman in his 60s who lives by himself on a limited income and has wheat sensitivity. He would like gift cards to Safeway or Haggen to purchase gluten-free groceries.

Client 6: Woman, 65, who has chronic health issues that limit her ability to leave her home, would appreciate a new bathrobe size XL and some soft blankets. She would also like a gift card to Albertson’s.

Client 7: Woman, 54, has chronic health issues and is required to follow a strict diet. She is on a limited budget and would like gift cards to Haggen, Trader Joe’s or another grocery store that offers a large variety of food for her diet.

Client 8: Woman, 65, who lives alone, would like a gift card to Fred Meyer or Walmart.

Client 9: Woman, 42, who suffers from multiple heath issues would like a gift card for Walmart, Target or Fred Meyer.

Client 10: Woman, 65, would appreciate a gift card to Walmart to purchase new shoes.

Client 11: A woman in her 60s who struggles with breathing issues and sadness. The client is in need of some clothing and personal supplies. A gift card to Walmart would be beneficial.

Client 12: Man, 65, with heart problems, would appreciate help purchasing home supplies. A gift card to Costco would be appreciated.

Client 13: Man, 66, living along and on a low income would appreciate a gift card to Walmart to assist with purchasing cleaning supplies and personal items.

Client 14: A women in her 50s who has been traveling great distances to visit her ailing husband who receives care out of our area. She would appreciate gas gift cards.

Client 15: Client does her best to remain independent and uses the dial-a-lift and the city bus as transportation. She would like an annual bus pass through Intercity Transit.

Client 16: Client utilizes dial-a-lift to get to her medical appointments. She would benefit from an annual bass pass to Intercity Transit.

Client 17: Woman, 65, who lives alone and is on a fixed income has multiple physical disabilities and would enjoy new towels and queen-size sheets and blanket.

Client 18: Client suffering from multiple chronic illnesses. She is on a fixed income and uses the fireplace in her home as a heat source. She would benefit from an energy efficient tower heater or a gift card toward the purchase of a heater.

Client 19: Woman, 62, suffers from a rare skin disorder and related intense pain. Client would like some assistance with her energy bill, a soft throw (blanket), size large nightgowns and socks.

Client 20: A man in his late 40s has a persistent mental health issue and would like to have some new items for his home. He would appreciate new towels, washcloths, extra-large T-shirts and large mens socks. He also would enjoy action movies (VHS). Client would not like gift cards.

Client 21: Woman, 76, would like a heated blanket and/or gift cards to Target to purchase household cleaning items.

Client 22: Man, 99, would like items for his kitchen. He would appreciate kitchen paper towels, toilet paper and coffee (Taster’s Choice) or a Walmart gift card.


Since 1981, SafePlace advocates have offered safety and support to survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. SafePlace provides life-changing services to survivors of domestic and sexual violence, including emergency confidential shelter, residential children’s program and support group child care, 24-hour crisis line, in-person advocacy, community support groups in Spanish and English, information and referrals for other community services, client assistance funds, legal advocacy, support during and after a sexual assault exam, culturally relevant advocacy for underserved populations, and in-house Cambodian and Spanish translation.

Consider sending gift cards this year: Gas cards in $20-$25 increments; fast-food cards in $5-$10 increments; grocery and department store cards in $20-$25 increments; Intercity Transit bus passes; gift cards for shelter food or maintenance, such as Costco, Home Depot or Lowe’s; and gift cards for children’s program, such as Target, Joann Fabrics or Michaels. Ongoing necessities include toilet paper, paper towels, pads and tampons, shampoo and conditioner, twin sheet sets, and diapers and diaper wipes.

For additional information on donating to SafePlace and its clients, call Derek, 360-786-8754, ext. 100. Donations can be brought to the business office, 314 Legion Way SE, Olympia. Office hours are 9 a.m.-noon and 1-5 p.m. Monday-Thursday. Go online to safeplaceolympia.org.