In case you missed it...

A story that broke late Friday raced up the charts for two reasons: it combined passionate protest with Friday night commuters, anxious to get home, resulting in a combustible mix of emotions.

Here’s the list:

1. Two men arrested, charged in robbery of Yelm store: The headline says it all.

2. Protesters block Olympia streets to support victims of fatal police encounters: This late-breaking story on Friday wasted no time in attracting an audience, as the story, pictures and video captured the clash of protest with those trying to get home. Here’s some of what happened, according to the story: “A few aggressive drivers threatened to plow through the human barriers, but protesters would quickly surround the vehicles. At the intersection of Union Avenue and Plum Street, two protesters sat on the ground in front of a minivan that had attempted to push people out of the way with its front bumper; the van’s occupants pleaded for the protesters to move.”

3. Judge sets bail for suspects in Tumwater sex trafficking arrest: Once again, the headline kind of says all you need to know about the story.

4. When will Santa visit your neighborhood? Some will see him tonight: A refreshing reminder, amid all the other horrible news we usually write about, that children still want to meet Santa Claus.

5. Man tries to lure Olympia High School students: OK, I’m going to tread carefully here, but after a discussion with a newsroom colleague we came to this conclusion: is this really a case of luring or an obnoxious pick-up attempt? The “man” in this case was thought to be between the ages of 16 and 18, with reddish-brown hair combed to the side. He pulled up alongside two Olympia High School girls and asked them if they needed a ride. They turned him down and then he proceeded to act like a jerk before driving away. What do you think?