Time to recycle that Christmas tree

Now that the leftover pie is gone and some of those holiday gift cards have been spent, it’s time to tackle the next seasonal chore: Say goodbye to the Christmas tree. You know, that dried-out, needle-shedding structure that’s on the back porch.

South Sound residents have an array of options for tree disposal. And, in some ways, the magic of a tree can continue because many of the trees collected at the Thurston County Waste and Recovery Center are ground up into wood chips and turned into “hog fuel” that supplies energy at industrial sites.

Before recycling a tree, it’s important to remove all twine, ornaments, lights, tinsel and nails, otherwise a worker could get injured if a nonwood item makes its way into the grinder and other machinery.

Here are some treecycle options. Most of the drop-off services continue until Jan. 11: