Update: Car drives into apartment in Lacey

A woman in her 40s drove into an apartment Sunday evening in Lacey after her car was thought to have malfunctioned, according to the Lacey Police Department.

The woman, who lives in the same apartment building in the 5600 block of Yelm Highway SE, had returned from Walmart early Sunday evening and pulled into her parking spot, Lacey Police Officer Heather Stetler said.

The car had recently been having problems idling.

She put her car in park, and was about to set the emergency brake, when the wheels began to spin and smoke appeared before the car lurched forward into the apartment, Stetler said.

The car was completely immersed in the apartment, damaging a couch and chair, she said.

No one was in the apartment at the time, although the renter returned to his damaged apartment following the Super Bowl.

“He was mortified,” Stetler said, adding that he does have renter’s insurance and the driver was covered under her insurance as well.

His cat also was alive and accounted for, she said.

Lacey Police and Lacey Fire District 3 were dispatched to the accident about 7 p.m. Sunday.

The driver of the car showed no signs of impairment and voluntarily agreed to take a portable breath test, blowing a 0.0, Stetler said.

Lacey Fire also contacted a company which temporarily boarded up the apartment wall, although it still needs more work.

“They have some major work to do in order for him to live there again,” Stetler said.