In case you missed it...

Last week’s No. 1 story, based on reader traffic to our website, was a powerful reminder about the resiliency of children. After four-year-old Gavin Tobeck was attacked by a pit bull, the story revealed that the boy is doing much better than probably all of us imagined. That’s great news, Gavin.

1. 4-year-old dog mauling victim returns to Thurston Couty home after two surgeries: On April 1, Gavin was mauled by Smash, the family’s newly adopted pit bull, while they were in the backyard. The boy has several broken bones, including his jaw, cheekbone and the bridge of his nose. He underwent two surgeries at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle before he was able to come home.

2. Car plunges off overpass onto I-5 in Tacoma: The wreck occurred about 4 p.m. (April 10) at the L Street overpass, near the Tacoma Dome. Tacoma firefighters said a vehicle plunged off the L Street overpass onto the lanes below.

3. State community corrections officer in Olympia arrested on suspicion of child pornography: Microsoft notified law enforcement when employees noticed the electronic signature of well-known child pornography images on the officer’s cloud storage account, the State Patrol said.

4. Level 3 sex offender registers address on Steamboat Island Road NW: Enough said.

5. Future freeway ramps will target congestion at Olympia’s busiest intersections: Interesting factoid in this story: An intersection “fails” when a driver waits through three or more cycles at a traffic light.