Boston Harbor Water customers asked to limit water usage

Residents of Thurston County who are connected to Boston Harbor Water Utility are being asked to temporarily reduce their water usage after a malfunction in the well pumps that supply water to the reservoir was discovered.

Thurston County Public Works Director Ramiro Chavez said workers discovered that the pumps that bring well water into the system were malfunctioning, and the reservoir levels were depleting. The pumps were restarted, and officials are monitoring to make sure they stay on.

“In the meantime, we are asking those hooked up to the system to voluntarily cut back on water consumption to assist in filling the reservoir to normal levels,” he said.

Chavez said it would also be helpful for Boston Harbor Utility customers to limit outdoor watering to ensure that proper water flows continue.

Public Works officials will continue to monitor the situation and will let system users know as soon as reservoir levels return to normal.